The story so far….

        “I have pinned my faith to the spinning wheel. On it, I believe, the salvation of this country depends.”

– Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhiji called for the swadeshi movement in 1919, when the industrial revolution produced cheap, good quality machine made textiles in abundance, flooding the market and shaking the Indian rural economy, lifestyle and livelihood. While on the one hand good quality cloth did become available at cheaper prices to the common masses, on the other hand, the poor lost their livelihood, traditional skills and source of earning. The call for the swadeshi movement was the peoples fight from an oppressive foreign rule and exploitative economy. The response was resounding and every national leader, freedom fighters and the people who dreamt of freedom, started spinning his/her own cotton and weaving his/her own fabric – wearing Khadi was a statement of self reliance, a symbol of freedom.

Our story

The story of Threadstories by HG Design began for redefining Gandhiji’s dream, taking the yarn of freedom beyond man made nationalistic boundaries. It is the story of individual yearning for freedom and the collective dream of peace on earth.

For the users of Threadstories yarn, it is a contribution towards conserving and protecting our home – the earth by reducing carbon footprints.

Sarnath, a place where Buddha preached several centuries back to his first five disciples, is one of the places where a group of hand spinners of cotton and silk are engaged in an organization called ‘Gandhi Smriti’. The first batch of cotton and silk has been spun by the followers of Gandhiji who earn their livelihood by spinning and weaving manually.

Another NGO called Angika Hathkargha Vikas Udyog Sahkari Samiti Ltd at Varanasi, on the banks of river Ganges are also engaged in blending, dyeing and spinning special yarn as designed by Himadri Ghosh. All this to give a rich, textured special yarn to make dream fabrics.

Thread Stories Team consists of a Gandhian, designers, spinners, handloom weavers , natural dyeing and printing experts, traditional knowledge experts, organic cotton farmers, silk and wool fiber producers.
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